Monday, April 28, 2014

Daisy Nail Tutorial: Youtube weekly Episode

Hello everyone! So happy to be blogging again... Its been a while.

Anyways! I wanted to show everyone a few things I've been doing while on this long Vacation... (Still unemployed by the way.)

I've been playing around with my Sony HandyCam... and honestly I bought it to start making tutorial videos almost 2 years ago, but I just never got around to doing it till now. I'm very happy with it. It really was a trial and error for me. I've never played with my iMovie at all up till this point. but I realized that I really enjoy doing this.

So here is the image of my nails that I made a tutorial on.

Products Used:

-Seche Base: Ridge Filling Base Coat
-Sally Hanse Hard as Nails: Xtreme Wear "Blue Me Away!"
-Out the Door: Fast Drying Top Coat
-Konad Special Polish "White"
-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails: Xtreme Wear "Mellow Yellow"
-Poshe`: Super Fast Drying Top Coat
-GALS Plate GA34 - Fairy Set Collection
-Pan Scraper
-Squishy Stamper

And here is the Tutorial! Thank you all and I hope you enjoy!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Blues Stamping Design

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Me? Well if you mean trying to come up with new designs for a blog a good weekend then yes. I had a wonderful weekend :)

Todays designs I had a lot of fun doing. I usually don't doe full hand designs but for this I really wanted to just try it.

So here you go!

For this design I started off with a gradient using three of my blues from Zoya. I than used Mundo De Una's stamping Polish in Aqua and did a swirly stamp with my CiCi&SiSi plate. I than stamping on the white flowers using my Konad White polish and again with the CiCi&SiSi plates. (The plates have been my favorite lately.)

I used the following Materials
  • Zoya "Robyn"
  • Zoya "Rocky"
  • Zoya "Blu"
  • Konad Special White Stamping Polish
  • Mundo De Una's "Aqua"
  • Cosmetic sponge
  • CiCi&SiSi Plate 5
  • CiCi&SiSI Plate 12

Overall I had a lot of fun with design. I think I will continue to try more Full hand designs because sometimes I don't have enough time or patiences to think of each individual finger design. lol I hope you all enjoy. Sorry this is kinda short.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Water Marble Flower Stamping Design

Hello my lovelies. For today's design I decided to do a challenge from my favorite stamping group on Facebook called "Adventures in Stamping". The challenge was to use another technique along with a stamping design. So I used a water marble and them stamped it with my new CICI&SISI plate number 12.

This was actually a lot of fun for me. I usually don't bother with the Water Marble technique but I thought it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed this design. 

The Materials I used:

  • Salon Express "Bold Black"
  • Sinful Colors Professional "Snow Me White"
  • Wet n Wild Megalast "I need a Refreshmint"
  • Wet n Wild Fergie "Ferfalicious"
  • China Glaze "Rainbow" 
  • CiCi&SiSi Plate 12
  • Small Squishy Firm Stamper (Purchased from my friend on Facebook - Priscilla Contreras PContrerasEight Nails)
  • Shot glass with room tempurate filter water
  • Black small studs.

I hope you enjoy this design. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mundo de Uñas: Stamping Polish Review

Hi everyone! I have a fantastic review for you all. Today I will be reviewing a few of Mundo de Uñas stamping polish. (Translation is World of Polish I think...?) Ever since I discover these polishes from my favorite group on Facebook called "Adventure in Stamping" I had to share with you all.

I purchased these polishes directly from Mundo de Uñas's facebook page. If you send her a message on facebook she gets back to you really quickly. I purchased 15 mini's do to the fact that I wasn't sure if I would like them at first and I really regret not buying the larger bottles now.

The minis are 5mL and the regular is 14mL and these are the following colors I purchased from her:

Pastel Blue
Light Gray
Dark Gray
Blue Gray
Metalic Violet
Neon Green
High Green

The 5mL range to $1.50USD per bottle and the 14mL range to $3.00USD per bottle. Shipping will vary depending on where you are located. She is located in Mexico so she will do International Shipping. 

(Sorry for the photo still working on my Light studio)

The one thing I love about these polish is that they stamp GREAT over black. Especially really hard colors such as pastel or even neon. But these polishes do an amazing job!

Another awesome thing about these polishes is that if you have a image that you really love, but its' not etched in deep enough, these polishes can work over even the most impossible etchings. This has saved me from throwing away or tossing out images I love but wouldn't stamp.

The polishes are 100% cruelty free. They were not tested on animals like some cosmetic companies. However they are not 3-free. Because it is a stamping polish and the consistency of it is VERY thick they will work differently than regular nail polish, it will have chemicals in it. Similar with the Konad polish. But for a personal experience these are better than my Konad.

Now a few people have complained about the smell of these stamping polishes. I will admit they do have a strong smell, but I work with my very own acrylics and gels. And because I work with acrylic liquid which is REALLY strong my loving boyfriend forces me to wear a mask to help with my breathing. If the scent of polish gives you headaches or your very sensitive to strong smells I would recommend wearing a mask. (If your working with chemicals you should be wearing a mask to help you. Breathing into these chemicals, even regular nail polish isn't good for you.) If the mask doesn't help, open a window to get some fresh air into the room. 

When it was being shipped customs did have them for about 8 days, but other than that it got to me very fast and safe. Each bottle was bubble wrapped and safely packed together. She only accepts paypal. 

Overall I love these polishes, They are inexpensive, the shipping isn't terrible, they were safely packaged together and they work GREAT! I love these polishes and I will continue to purchase more!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Simple Leopard Print - Inspired by The Little Canvas

Hello everyone! Missed me? I know its been a long time since I've done a stamping mani. Since late January. Well because I suddenly have a lot more free time I have decided that I should do a Mani inspired by one of my favorite Nail artist. Her blog is called The Little Canvas. And the mani I decided to do is the Simple Leopard Print design she did not too long ago. Actually its the manicure she posted on March 22.

I changed the colors, but this is NOT my idea. I was just inspired by her look that I wanted to try it with my M57 Plate with the leopard print that I rarely get to use.

I used plate number M57 that I purchased from Lightinthebox Years ago. I think about 4 years ago and I messed around with the plate but I never really got a chance to play with it. So I finally got a chance to use it in this manicure. 

The materials I used are

  • Salon Express "Bold Black"
  • Sinful Colors Professional "Snow Me White"
  • Zoya "Katy"
  • Zoya "Nyx" - Pixie Dust
  • Plate M57
  • XL Stamper
  • Black Plastic Scraper
I love The Little Canvas work. And I'm excited to see her other stuff! Thank you for inspiring me!

(Sorry about the photos It was really dark in the room and I don't have a whole lot of light yet. I'm working on setting up my photo station so this won't happen. Also I took off my acrylics and decided to try and grow out my natural nails.)

And I hope you all have a Happy Monday~

Favorite Stamping Polish

Good morning everyone! Happy Sunday! Yay! I love my Sundays, I especially love the fact that I can still show a lot of my favorite nail products.

Today's topic is Stamping Polish.

Believe it or not a lot of the times I don't even use brand name stamping polish like Konad, MASH, or others. The only brand that I use the most is Kand (A rip off brand of Konad) which you can purchase at the Born Pretty Store for about $4.19 a bottle. The product is very thick, pigmented, and sticky. It matches the Konad brand very well, the only thing I've noticed is that the finish comes out Matt then shinny, but a shiny top coat can fix that. Or you can always purchase the minis for a cheaper price. When I first discovered Kand Polish I purchased it in this set that I purchased from LightinTheBox. I only use Black and White (It came with a red stamping polish) because they are the most common stamping colors I use. The white is super opaque so it works well for me.

As I was saying I don't use the big brand stamping polish. Most of the Polishes I use are normal brand name polishes. It's really a trial and error with testing for regular polishes but they work. I find that ones that are opaque in one coat, super pigmented and really thick, make some of the best stamping polishes. Especially old ones you don't usually use anymore.

My favorites are:
Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri Collection
Sally Hansen - Xtreme Wear Collection (Only a few of them)
Color Club - Foiled Collection
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White (Second best white stamping polish I own. It's almost 3 years old with no thinner. Still works great as a regular polish as well.)
China Glaze - Romantique Collection
Salon Express - Stamping Nail Art Polish (Purchased from Five-Below. I'm not sure if it's available anywhere else.)
Wet n` Wild Wild Shine Collection -  Black Cre'me (Not as crisp as Kand/Konad brand but it does really well for a regular polish)

I recently discovered a stamping polish from one of my stamping sisters from "Adventures in Stamping" And the polishes are called Mundo De Unas (Don't know how to put the little ~ over the N) But I purchased a bunch of the Minis and I won't go back to Konad, Kand or even my other polishes. The one thing I LOVE about these polishes is that some of the pastel colors will go over the black REALLY well. If you wish to see some photos please check out her facebook page. If you wish to order some of her amazing polishes just send her a message over at facebook. She'll get back to you quickly. Mundo de Uñas

Have a beautiful weekend!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Give Away Winners!

Good morning all I have finally picked my winner for my first ever giveaway! Congratulations to Dee Rose who is now a winner of my give away. You will receive The Salon Express Stamping Kit, The Salon Express Special Stamping Polish, 30 Fimo canes, The Bonita Jewel Tone collection, A dotting tool and nail art brush, and stripping tape! Congratulations! I will e-mail you shortly on the prizes and well as the mailing address!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Additional Giveaway Prizes!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give a personal thank you everyone who has helped me reached over 800 likes on my facebook pages... WoW! I can't thank anyone enough! I am so faltered and really happy and to thank you all! I will be adding additional prizes to my giveaway! YAY!

The additional Prizes are 30 fimo canes, Striping tape, Nail Art Brush and Dotting Tool set. :D

Thank you all again for your support! Please continue to enter for my giveaway! It ends on March 15th :)


Have a great one~

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

KittyKlawzPolish First Ever Giveaway~ Starter Nail Stamping Kit

Hi everyone! So as promised I have a giveaway to share with you all! I know it was suppose to be set up yesterday, but do to an unfortunate events plus the move I had to push it to this evening. Don't worry I actually extended the Giveaway to end on the 14th of March. That gives you a little over 3 weeks to participate in the giveaway! YAY!

Thank you all for supporting me. It's been a short coming but I'm very happy with how the blog is turning out. And so all my wonderful friends and views out there who help make it possible!

So for the prizes I have a very special items to give out. You will be 3 great prizes!

  • The first is the Bonita Nail Polish collection called "Jewel Tones" (They are great for stamping over white with a beautiful shimmering/metallic look to them.They will not stamp over black unfortunately.)

  • The Salon Express Nail Stamping Kit. (If you are new to stamping this is a great way to get started!)
  • And also the Salon Express Nail Stamping Polish. (Its comes in Black and White. Great for a basic start!)

****This giveaway is for United States residents only. You must be 18 years of age to participate. If you are not please ask your parents for permission to enter. There can only one be one winner. But don't worry~ There will be other Giveaways soon!****
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Ideas, More challenges, and The True Me

Hey Everyone,

So after really thinking about this I realized that starting a blog isn't easy. I thought if I had some ideas written, worked out a schedule and kinda went and did swatches, a few nail arts here and there, and winged it, I would be happy with my blog. But to be honest... I'm not :(

All this time I wanted to be like so many people who had their blog. But sometimes you can only write what comes to you. And as I look through my January post, they all seemed forced. They didn't flow and it was because I put myself in a structured environment. Creative people can't be in a structured environment. It needs to flow, it needs time, and it needs love. I love my blog and I've learned to accept it. If it means not writing sometimes for days at a time I will come to terms with that. If it means being on a roll and my creative juices are flowing, then I'll work with it.

But I have some great ideas on how I make myself happy and work with it! I won't be like others. I will be my own person. I'll put my own creativity into it. :) I'll try some challenges, get involved more with a group on Facebook, swatch really unique of awesome polishes/polish layering, and eve review products that I find are really cool or awesome!

So to celebrate I will be hosting a Giveaway! It will begin 24th of February till the 10th of March so you'll have about 3 weeks to enter into this giveaway! I will have more details on the 24th with prizes, how you can enter and how many chances you get for entering :)

I hope you have a fantastic Friday Eve~

Monday, January 27, 2014

Special Announcement - Short Hiatus

Good Morning ladies.

Wow... Already I have to take a break from the blog...?


I have a very special Announcement. I will be moving out of my current apartment/basement into my new one on February 22nd. My boyfriend and I are starting to pack up our belongings and items and we are very excited about moving out, however this will prevent me from blogging for the next couple of weeks. Instead of playing with all of my lovely beauties I will be safely packing them for the move.

But as soon as everything is settled I will be back to blogging. My boyfriend and I will actually have a lot more room and I will actually have a place dedicated my space.

Wish me luck and I'll see you all soon~

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chanel Stamping Design

Good morning Ladies. As most of you know yesterday was my 24th birthday. I had a wonderful time and my boyfriend is possibly the best boyfriend in the world who loves me so much! He got me the CICI&SISI Plates sets 1 and 2. LOVE THEM!

Now usually I wouldn't do a fashion inspired stamping design but I've been craving to use my plate with the Chanel logo. So I thought I'd give you a my version of a Chanel inspired nail stamping design.

This is my first time ever trying a quilted nail look, because each time I found a bag I loved or to get more inspiration it was always the quilted looked. So I've tried it on my nails. I've seen many lovely Nail artist do this design but my main inspiration was from Nail It and the original Artist was DullLikeGlitter. I really like the quilted look. It was super easy to do!

The color choice I used is white, black and gold. This look is very classy and it's look great for a nice night out, or to a party. You can even take your Chanel bag if you want to match.

Materials Used:
I have fun trying out the different textures and effects this manicure can give you. Let me know what you think And I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

(Personal Note: I will be taking a Hiatus due to the fact that I will be moving out of my current apartment and into another one. I will resume posting after I move on the 24th of Feb. Thank you all so much for the support so far.)

Monday, January 20, 2014

China Glaze - Ski Collection Swatch

Good morning Ladies! It's Monday again and believe it or not tomorrow is my 24th birthday. Yay~ Another year old... Wait... :(

Anyways today I will be talking about the China Glaze "Ski Collection" which was featured back in Winter 2007. Wow I'm surprised they still have a few of the polishes from this collection. Either way I have three very beautiful polishes I'd like to show you.

The first swatch is FROST BITE

It is a beautiful bright frosty finish blue thats kinda in your face, but super gorgeous. The coverage was great with 3 coats for full coverage, it was a little on the thin side but it wasn't difficult and it still gave great coverage with no streaking.

My second swatch is AVALANCHE

This is a beautiful Lilac/Silver Metallic. It was great coverage in two coats, however it was a little streaky because metallics have a habit of showing flaws of the natural nail when applying. Which sucks, but you kind of get used to it. 

My third swatch is called BLACK DIAMOND

This is a beautiful black metallic polish. Like the Frost Bite it was great in three coats for full coverage but it was on the thin side. Similar to a jelly polish but not really. Its a hint of black and gray but amazing color.

Well I hope you enjoy this short swatch. I really want the others, however I believe they discontinued a lot of the older ones. But who knows, maybe I'll get them.

Happy Monday~

Friday, January 17, 2014

Favorite Fridays - Base coats and Nail Strengtheners

Good morning ladies! Happy Friday~ This Friday I will be talking about Base Coats and Nail Strengtheners.  (Even though I currently have acrylics. I still love my Basecoats/Nail strengtheners.) The reason why I put these two together is because they kind of go hand and hand with each other. Lots of people use Nail Strengtheners as a base/top coat. I use it primarily as a base coat. So today I will be talking about some of my favorites.

The first one I use the most out of all is "Nutra Nail With Green Tea Antioxidants". Because my nails tend to split and peel, I need a strengthener that will help bond my nail layers together and fill in some weak spots.
Nutra Nail Strengthener with Green Tea - .5 fl oz

The next one "Sally Hansen Maximum Growth". I thought this was actually discounted, however I just realized it was just a different bottle. but this was the polish I used the most before I got my "Nutra Nail Nail Strengthener". This really helped my nails grow faster, but it didn't really help strengthen my nails. It's kinda why I went to the Nutral Nail.
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Growth Program
My last favorite is actually grouped together. They each do different things but they all make what my nails are today. It's from a brand called Nail Aid. They are  "Nail-Aid Triple Wrap Thickener" which helps with peeling nails. "Nail-Aid Extreme Steel Hardener" help prevent breakage of long nails and makes your nails really hard. Almost gel like. And the Last is "Nail-Aid Ultra Fast Growth". It helps with nail growth to at least 5-7 days. The great things about these is that it is 3 free, really inexpensive, and available at either Ross, TJ Max, or even WalMart.

I do use others such as "Nailtiques Formula 2", "Sally Hansen Triple Strong", "Poshe` Nail-Strengthening Treament Basecoat" and "Seche Base - Ridge Filling Base Coat". I usually kinda go back and forth with my nails because it's not always the same. Sometimes they break, other times they split, and even break off completely. My nails gives me more trouble then they worth, however I love what I do and I'll do what I can to keep them strong, long and beautiful.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! HAPPY FRIDAY! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Barbie Stamping Design

Hi Folks! You can't honestly expect me to not do a stamping design based off all our childhood, did you? Yes, this morning I will be showing you an awesome stamping design that I did based off every girl's favorite childhood doll/beauty inspiration; Barbie.

Lets face it, most of us all wish we had the hair, the eyes, the beautiful clothes and accessories that Barbie has. Some of us even achieved that. But the true beauty is believing in yourself, being independent, having self confidence, and staying strong. So without further a do. Here is it!

Honestly, I think the most challenging part of this manicure was deciding what to do with the color scheme. I was debating between pink,  white, and black, or pink, shimmer white, or pink, shimmer white and silver. Gah! Colors! I was having trouble on whether I should use half moons or french tips and god... The planning process of this manicure took the longest. (Two weeks I think.)

But in the end I decided on this one. It has a combination of Pink, Light Pink, Silver, Black and White. I personally think that this came out better then the Winnie the Pooh design I did two weeks ago. If you couldn't tell I love my Glitter accent nail. I think it bring everything together.

Alright now to the Materials.

Materials Used:
The design didn't take as long due to the fact that I actually practiced this design on glass flat so when I finally liked which one I put together I did it on my natural nails. I don't want to put too much polish remove on my natural nails if I messed up and It helps keeps my nails less brittle... *sobs at her poor pathetic nails*

Anyways! Hope you enjoyed the design! And remember.... YOU ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Orly - Naughty and Nice Collection Swatch

Good Morning my lovelies!
And its' Monday... again. Good news is that it's swatch time! This morning I will be showing you my swatches from Orly's Naughty and Nice Collection. It's from the Winter 2012 collection I believe.  Same with my last collection swatch I'm only showing you what I currently purchased and not the entire collection.

The first swatch that I watch to show you is  called UNLAWFUL 

This is a beautiful candy creme red. I'm not a big fan of reds but this is a beautiful creme. It applied nicely and it was opaque in one coat, however I would use two just to be on the safe side. Because this polish can be opaque in one coat it's pretty good for stamping. I've tried in on multiple times and it work beautifully.

The next swatch I want to show you is MISS CONDUCT 
This polish is my favorite out of the entire collection. Its a beautiful bright pink halo. With PLENTY of small/fine glitter. As you can see in the photo, you can see beauty of the polish. It can be opaque in one coat, however again I used two here. Better to be safe then sorry.

The next swatch I wanted to show you is called ANGEL EYES

I was really disappointed with this. On its own it took me almost 3 coats and it's still not opaque. This polish is great for laying as you can see, its currently over my Nina Ultra Pro called Blue Blaze.Though you might get lucky like The PolishAholic. Be sure to check out Jen's swatches if you want a little more accurate photos. Maybe I just got a bad bottle. (Or I suck at Polishing lol)

The last swatch I want to show you is DEVIL MAY CARE

This is similar to the formula for Angel Eyes. Small fine glitter and large gold hex glitters. Except the large gold hex glitters are a little easier to come out. And this polish transforms all my old red polishes. This is perfect for layering and I wouldn't change that for the world. This is swatched over Unlawful.

So maybe this collection will work for you, and maybe not. Overall I like the set. I'll be sure to use the glitters for layers over some stamping designs Maybe when Christmas times comes around. 

(On a more personal issue. My boyfriend and I finally found our own place for rent. A nice spacious apartment. Finally I get my own "Bigger" Corner with all my nail supplies and polishes and such. I'm Really excited to be able to move out and get nail mail so my boyfriends mother doesn't judge me for having so much polish related items... Though I have to keep within my budget. Also on a facebook group I joined I will be participating in the Sunday Challenge. Every week they have a poll and you have to create a stamping design based off the topic of that week.)

Thanks again for hanging out with me! And let me know what you think of these colors in the comments below.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Favorite Fridays - Lotions and Moisturizing Cream

Good morning folks! Hope all is well today! Today on Favorite Fridays I'll be discussing with you some of my favorite Lotions and Moisturizing Creams to keep my hands young, healthy and moisturized.

Believe it or not I have to be particular careful when it comes to lotions or creams. One reason is because I have Eczema on the back of my hands, and it gets really irritated when I use certain products with lots of scents or certain chemicals that can cause it to flare up. So I look for lotions that can help with my Eczema but also keep my hands and cuticles moist.

One great product that I use religiously is "Aveeno Active Naturals, Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream".
It helps relieves dry, itchy, irritated skin due to eczema and it's clinically shown to soothe skin with eczema. Its steroid-free and fragrance-free. The bottle that I have is about 5oz and I use it close to 4-5 times a day.
This works for me because of my skin condition and it keeps my cuticles in check. Since I've been using this it leaves my hands super soft through out the day. The cream of this product is thick and it can get that oily feeling, but I recommend washing your hands and after you dry your hands use the product that way your skin has time to absorb the product. This product works well even without people with Eczema, if you have an itch or a rash this can help soothe the skin of any sort of irritation.

If you have different conditions for your skin try the Aveeno brand anyways. They are on a expensive side. (Bought this bottle for close to $9.99 at Rite Aid.) But the the brand itself is really worth it. And if you go go through bottles like I do, I would recommend going to a Sam's Club/Costco, or wholesale store and get the big bottles for a cheaper price.

Another product that I snag if I didn't bring my Aveeno is "Eucerin Original Healing".
Like the Aveeno this helps sooth and repair the skin and it's rich with Emollients. The formula for this particular lotion is more "watered down" the constancy is very much more liquid then a cream based. Also the feelings is a lot more greasy. its great for people who's skin is really dry, cracked and damaged. And I would only use this particular lotions during the winter season where the air is dry and cold.

The last product that would constantly use, (Almost out) is the Sally Hansen "Nails & Cuticles Hand Creme" with 24HR Moisture.
This product works really well and it doesn't leave that "Greasy" feelings like the Eucerin. Its has a similar consistency like the Aveeno creme, but it leaves that same soft healthy hands that you crave. Its very good for your cuticles and it benefits your nails.

Other particular lotions I love is "Pink" Lotion from Victoria Secrets and Bath and Body Works. I love the scents though I can't wear it as often only because it really irritates my Eczema. I would do this for my legs, or my arms, but avoid it on my hands.

If you have some serious skin issues, either your skin is sensitive, dry, or you get reactions please see your dermatologist and ask to see what kinds of lotions will work for you. Everyone's skin types are different and no one is ever the same. Use what you think works best for you or what your doctor recommends.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hello Kitty Stamping Design

Good morning beautiful ladies. I hope you are all having a fantastic wednesday. So far this is my 2nd design on the blog and I'm really happy with how it turned out. This Hello Kitty Design was actually inspires from the lovely Elleandish who is my nail stamping hero. She's a fantastic nail stamper and she really knows her nail art. I an always excited to try her designs.

I have loved Hello Kitty ever since I was a little girl, and even to this day I love her. Everyone has that one childhood memory they always hold on to and my just so happens to be a white kitty cat with a cute bow in her ear.

With this design I tried the girlie Hello Kitty color scheme which is Medium Pink and Light Pink and White. I used a pink glitter accent nail and this came out beautifully.

I purchased the image plate from Born Pretty Store and it transferred the image perfectly. I was very happy with the results and I was very happy I made the purchase. Also check out my coupon BPS5 and get an additional 5% discount on your total purchase at WITH FREE SHIPPING

Materials Used:
  • Poshe` Super-Fast Drying Top Coat - Sally's Beauty Supply
  • Essie "Good Morning Hope"
  • Essie "Check Up"
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "White On" - CVS
  • QA12 plate - BornPrettyStore
  • Kand Black Stamping Polish - LightintheBox/BornPrettyStore
  • Kand White Stamping Polish - LightintheBox/BornprettyStore
  • Dotting Tools - Ebay
  • Stamper and Scraper Set - Ebay
Sorry I got lazy with copy right my photos, and my cuticles were not a happy camper. Its been super cold lately with the snow and the wind. I hope you like the design My nails are a different shape due me trying out my own acrylic job!

I also used the Essie 2012 Breast Cancer Awarness Collection. My heart goes to the people who are either fighting, survived, or have passed from this terrible cancer.

Hope you have a great day!

Monday, January 6, 2014

China Glaze - Anchors Away Collection Swatch

Good Morning Ladies! Happy Monday! This morning I will be showing a swatch of the polishes that I have from China Glaze. The polishes is from The Anchors Away collection which was done in the spring of 2011. I don't have the entire collection I'm only showing you what I was able to to purchase.

Believe it or not one of these polishes was actually my very first Polish EVER from China Glaze. At the end I'll let you know which one it is.

So the first swatch I want to show you is AHOY!
Its actually a beautiful intense pink with a flash of what looks like gold shimmer. Against the light its absolutely beautiful. With two even thin coats I was able to get it full opaque and it came out so pretty. Perfect summer color~

The next swatch I want to show you is FIRST MATE
If I honestly had to define this color. Its that its a true navy blue polish. Its has an amazing cream finish and even without top coat its still shiny. I think this blue will go well with any time of the season. Maybe its because I've had this collection for a while, but it might be thick and opaque enough for me to stamp with. Hmmm, something to try.

The next swatch I want to show you is STARBOARD 
I think out of the collection I own, I don't care for this color. I'm not a big fan of Greens (I have a lot, but they never look good on me) And it doesn't match my skin ton that well. But the formula was great, this is with two coats and I didn't have issues with coverage.

And the last swatch is LIGHTHOUSE
I love this yellow glitter/shimmer polish. Its has enough shimmer and I'm sure if I used more then two coats it would have been the perfect color. The only issue I can think about with this polish is that because it is a shimmer/glitter polish that it tends to streaky when applying. So in order for me to get the best results I had to really wait for each layer to dry before I applied the second coat. This polish reminds me of how bright the sun can be when your near water. It's blinding.

Now I will tell you which color was my VERY FIRST China glaze Polish.... It is "First Mate" This was the very first polish that I picked up to start this madness I call a love/obsession. (I wasn't kidding when I said I have 500+ polishes...I lost count after 500... I'm sure I have more then that.)

Well that's it for my post! Thanks for hanging out with me!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Favorite Fridays - Top Coats

Good Morning Folks! HAPPY FRIDAY! *Still watches a tumble weed blow by* Today I will also be starting a series called Favorite Fridays that was inspired from the lovely Jen from ThePolishAholic. She was able to show her viewers her favorite ways to maintain her life and her polish such as; how she stores her polish, how she gets that perfect swatch manicure, etc. (BTW Jen, you are fantastic!)

To me this is a good way for my future viewers to understand why I use certain products to achieve my stamping nail looks.

My all time favorite top coat is by far the "Poshe` Super-Fast Drying Top Coat". It meets all my requirements when I'm looking for a top coat. (Yes I have others.)

1. It drys quick.
2. It leaves a beautiful glossy finish.
3. It NEVER smears my Stamping Design. ***
4. It's chip resistant.
5. It doesn't have harsh chemicals.

I've used Poshe` for about 2 years now. I always get the bottles from the super nail supply store where it comes in a 16oz glass bottle. (I just refill my tiny bottle.)

I first purchased the Poshe` top coat at Sally's Beauty Supply after watching a review from Meliney on YouTube. The bottle is .5oz and it cost me $6.49 with my Sally's card. I was using Seche Vite prior to Poshe`. And it gave me the same results as Seche Vite without the toxic chemicals Formaldehyde, Toluene or Nitrocellulose. It drys fast, if not faster than Seche Vite with zero shrinkage to the nail tip that can cause chipping. Like any bottle of polish it will get thick as it reaches the end of the small bottle. Little bit of polish thinner helps restore to its normal consistence and I just add more from my giant 16oz of top coat when the bottle is empty.

I do use other top coats when I'm just wearing a regular manicure because sometimes if you use the base and top coat of the brand it makes a difference of the wear time. For example; If I am wearing China Glaze "First Mate" just to swatch the color, I will use China Glaze's Base and Top Coat. However, if I have a stamped image on China Glaze "First Mate" I will use the Poshe` Top Coat. Any future swatches I will use the top coat of the brand.

Another top coat that I favor is Seche Vite. This was my very first fast drying top coat. This top coat is also very good with stamping designs and drys really quickly. My only problem with this top coat is the harsh chemical and how it shrinks back the polish when it's drying and has my nail design chipping in less then two days. I would prefer to wear my designs a little longer then 2 days. (Though it doesn't matter because I'm always changing my polish.) Over all its a great top coat. You can also purchase this top coat at Sally's Beauty Supply for $6.99 with a Sally's card. Like the Poshe` top coat it will get thick but it starts to get thick at the middle of the bottle, not at the end. Seche Vite has its own brand called Seche Restore which is a thinner that should be used restore the consistency for this top coat. Again, the chemicals in the Seche Vite Top Coat and the Seche Restore works well with each other. Some brands work within it's own brand others you can use generic things.

Thats it for today's post, I really hope you enjoy this! And remember, its not easy to find the perfect top coat and everyone is different. Use what you think works best for you.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winnie the Pooh Stamping Design - First Post EVER~

Hello people~ HAPPY NEW YEAR! *watches a tumble weed blow by* Oookay... Well I guess I'll be talking to myself for a while.  (Not that it matters... I talk to a plant at work. Hehe)

It's very nice to meet you all! My name is Katy and I am a new aspiring nail stamping blogger. I hope to use this year to test my nail stamping abilities and see what kind of interesting designs I can come up with using my nail stamping plates/polish/ideas.

Well before I show off my cute "Winnie the Pooh" nail designs, I wanted to tell you a little bit about what to expect from me this new year. I am an organized freak. What that means is that I have a set schedule for many things of my life. (My phone is my life. It has everything set for when I wake up, when I take my lunch break, and when I get home to relax.) I like being repetitive because to me it's a great foundation.That is what I'm hoping will happen with this blog. If I'm consistent and dedicated then I don't think that this will fail (like my previous blogs *coughcough*). So this is what will look like for the first few months till I'm comfortable to branch out.

Monday: Collection Swatch
Wednesday Stamping Nail Design
Friday: Favorite Products

Because today is Wednesday I will be showing off a cute "Winnie The Pooh" Stamping Design. I will also give you a general idea where you can get all the materials if anyone is interested in recreating this design or you can still recreate this design with your own collection.

Originally I was going to just keep it rather simple, but because my inspiration is from Janelle on elleandish on YouTube I decided to do ALL my stamping manicure likes this. She is a very big influence on me but I also want to put my own creativity in it.

Believe it not, stamping can be a PAIN IN THE BUTT~! (No point in lying by saying it's "super easy") This one design for both hands took me 2 hours to get right. The reason why it took me so long is because I'm impatience, but also a perfectionist. Probably two of the worst combinations in the world. But in the end, if you practice, HAVE PATIENCE, and work through it, it will come out the way you want. 

Hehe, as much as I'm not a big bragging person. I really love how these came out. They are cute and honestly I think anyone who loves Pooh Bear can wear them. Though I don't recommend wearing these if you have to be in a professional work setting at all times. 

Materials Used:
  • Nutra Nail Strengthener with Green Tea Antioxidants as Base coat - RiteAid
  • Poshe` Super-Fast Drying Top Coat - Sally's Beauty Supply
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in "Lightening" - CVS
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in "Rapid Red" - CVS
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails "Sturdy Saphire" - Walmart
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "White On" - CVS
  • Cosmetic Arts "Naught/Nice" - Ross
  • QA3 plate - 
  • Kand Black Stamping Polish - 
  • Dotting Tools - Ebay
  • Stamper and Scraper Set - Ebay
Even though this design took a long time to achieve, I still love it. And I believe that's what life should be about. Do something you love, and if you love it so much you'll keep working at it.

I hope everyone has a fantastic new year and let me know what your New Years resolutions are in the comments~