Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Ideas, More challenges, and The True Me

Hey Everyone,

So after really thinking about this I realized that starting a blog isn't easy. I thought if I had some ideas written, worked out a schedule and kinda went and did swatches, a few nail arts here and there, and winged it, I would be happy with my blog. But to be honest... I'm not :(

All this time I wanted to be like so many people who had their blog. But sometimes you can only write what comes to you. And as I look through my January post, they all seemed forced. They didn't flow and it was because I put myself in a structured environment. Creative people can't be in a structured environment. It needs to flow, it needs time, and it needs love. I love my blog and I've learned to accept it. If it means not writing sometimes for days at a time I will come to terms with that. If it means being on a roll and my creative juices are flowing, then I'll work with it.

But I have some great ideas on how I make myself happy and work with it! I won't be like others. I will be my own person. I'll put my own creativity into it. :) I'll try some challenges, get involved more with a group on Facebook, swatch really unique of awesome polishes/polish layering, and eve review products that I find are really cool or awesome!

So to celebrate I will be hosting a Giveaway! It will begin 24th of February till the 10th of March so you'll have about 3 weeks to enter into this giveaway! I will have more details on the 24th with prizes, how you can enter and how many chances you get for entering :)

I hope you have a fantastic Friday Eve~