Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Blues Stamping Design

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Me? Well if you mean trying to come up with new designs for a blog a good weekend then yes. I had a wonderful weekend :)

Todays designs I had a lot of fun doing. I usually don't doe full hand designs but for this I really wanted to just try it.

So here you go!

For this design I started off with a gradient using three of my blues from Zoya. I than used Mundo De Una's stamping Polish in Aqua and did a swirly stamp with my CiCi&SiSi plate. I than stamping on the white flowers using my Konad White polish and again with the CiCi&SiSi plates. (The plates have been my favorite lately.)

I used the following Materials
  • Zoya "Robyn"
  • Zoya "Rocky"
  • Zoya "Blu"
  • Konad Special White Stamping Polish
  • Mundo De Una's "Aqua"
  • Cosmetic sponge
  • CiCi&SiSi Plate 5
  • CiCi&SiSI Plate 12

Overall I had a lot of fun with design. I think I will continue to try more Full hand designs because sometimes I don't have enough time or patiences to think of each individual finger design. lol I hope you all enjoy. Sorry this is kinda short.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Water Marble Flower Stamping Design

Hello my lovelies. For today's design I decided to do a challenge from my favorite stamping group on Facebook called "Adventures in Stamping". The challenge was to use another technique along with a stamping design. So I used a water marble and them stamped it with my new CICI&SISI plate number 12.

This was actually a lot of fun for me. I usually don't bother with the Water Marble technique but I thought it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed this design. 

The Materials I used:

  • Salon Express "Bold Black"
  • Sinful Colors Professional "Snow Me White"
  • Wet n Wild Megalast "I need a Refreshmint"
  • Wet n Wild Fergie "Ferfalicious"
  • China Glaze "Rainbow" 
  • CiCi&SiSi Plate 12
  • Small Squishy Firm Stamper (Purchased from my friend on Facebook - Priscilla Contreras PContrerasEight Nails)
  • Shot glass with room tempurate filter water
  • Black small studs.

I hope you enjoy this design. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mundo de Uñas: Stamping Polish Review

Hi everyone! I have a fantastic review for you all. Today I will be reviewing a few of Mundo de Uñas stamping polish. (Translation is World of Polish I think...?) Ever since I discover these polishes from my favorite group on Facebook called "Adventure in Stamping" I had to share with you all.

I purchased these polishes directly from Mundo de Uñas's facebook page. If you send her a message on facebook she gets back to you really quickly. I purchased 15 mini's do to the fact that I wasn't sure if I would like them at first and I really regret not buying the larger bottles now.

The minis are 5mL and the regular is 14mL and these are the following colors I purchased from her:

Pastel Blue
Light Gray
Dark Gray
Blue Gray
Metalic Violet
Neon Green
High Green

The 5mL range to $1.50USD per bottle and the 14mL range to $3.00USD per bottle. Shipping will vary depending on where you are located. She is located in Mexico so she will do International Shipping. 

(Sorry for the photo still working on my Light studio)

The one thing I love about these polish is that they stamp GREAT over black. Especially really hard colors such as pastel or even neon. But these polishes do an amazing job!

Another awesome thing about these polishes is that if you have a image that you really love, but its' not etched in deep enough, these polishes can work over even the most impossible etchings. This has saved me from throwing away or tossing out images I love but wouldn't stamp.

The polishes are 100% cruelty free. They were not tested on animals like some cosmetic companies. However they are not 3-free. Because it is a stamping polish and the consistency of it is VERY thick they will work differently than regular nail polish, it will have chemicals in it. Similar with the Konad polish. But for a personal experience these are better than my Konad.

Now a few people have complained about the smell of these stamping polishes. I will admit they do have a strong smell, but I work with my very own acrylics and gels. And because I work with acrylic liquid which is REALLY strong my loving boyfriend forces me to wear a mask to help with my breathing. If the scent of polish gives you headaches or your very sensitive to strong smells I would recommend wearing a mask. (If your working with chemicals you should be wearing a mask to help you. Breathing into these chemicals, even regular nail polish isn't good for you.) If the mask doesn't help, open a window to get some fresh air into the room. 

When it was being shipped customs did have them for about 8 days, but other than that it got to me very fast and safe. Each bottle was bubble wrapped and safely packed together. She only accepts paypal. 

Overall I love these polishes, They are inexpensive, the shipping isn't terrible, they were safely packaged together and they work GREAT! I love these polishes and I will continue to purchase more!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Simple Leopard Print - Inspired by The Little Canvas

Hello everyone! Missed me? I know its been a long time since I've done a stamping mani. Since late January. Well because I suddenly have a lot more free time I have decided that I should do a Mani inspired by one of my favorite Nail artist. Her blog is called The Little Canvas. And the mani I decided to do is the Simple Leopard Print design she did not too long ago. Actually its the manicure she posted on March 22.

I changed the colors, but this is NOT my idea. I was just inspired by her look that I wanted to try it with my M57 Plate with the leopard print that I rarely get to use.

I used plate number M57 that I purchased from Lightinthebox Years ago. I think about 4 years ago and I messed around with the plate but I never really got a chance to play with it. So I finally got a chance to use it in this manicure. 

The materials I used are

  • Salon Express "Bold Black"
  • Sinful Colors Professional "Snow Me White"
  • Zoya "Katy"
  • Zoya "Nyx" - Pixie Dust
  • Plate M57
  • XL Stamper
  • Black Plastic Scraper
I love The Little Canvas work. And I'm excited to see her other stuff! Thank you for inspiring me!

(Sorry about the photos It was really dark in the room and I don't have a whole lot of light yet. I'm working on setting up my photo station so this won't happen. Also I took off my acrylics and decided to try and grow out my natural nails.)

And I hope you all have a Happy Monday~

Favorite Stamping Polish

Good morning everyone! Happy Sunday! Yay! I love my Sundays, I especially love the fact that I can still show a lot of my favorite nail products.

Today's topic is Stamping Polish.

Believe it or not a lot of the times I don't even use brand name stamping polish like Konad, MASH, or others. The only brand that I use the most is Kand (A rip off brand of Konad) which you can purchase at the Born Pretty Store for about $4.19 a bottle. The product is very thick, pigmented, and sticky. It matches the Konad brand very well, the only thing I've noticed is that the finish comes out Matt then shinny, but a shiny top coat can fix that. Or you can always purchase the minis for a cheaper price. When I first discovered Kand Polish I purchased it in this set that I purchased from LightinTheBox. I only use Black and White (It came with a red stamping polish) because they are the most common stamping colors I use. The white is super opaque so it works well for me.

As I was saying I don't use the big brand stamping polish. Most of the Polishes I use are normal brand name polishes. It's really a trial and error with testing for regular polishes but they work. I find that ones that are opaque in one coat, super pigmented and really thick, make some of the best stamping polishes. Especially old ones you don't usually use anymore.

My favorites are:
Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri Collection
Sally Hansen - Xtreme Wear Collection (Only a few of them)
Color Club - Foiled Collection
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White (Second best white stamping polish I own. It's almost 3 years old with no thinner. Still works great as a regular polish as well.)
China Glaze - Romantique Collection
Salon Express - Stamping Nail Art Polish (Purchased from Five-Below. I'm not sure if it's available anywhere else.)
Wet n` Wild Wild Shine Collection -  Black Cre'me (Not as crisp as Kand/Konad brand but it does really well for a regular polish)

I recently discovered a stamping polish from one of my stamping sisters from "Adventures in Stamping" And the polishes are called Mundo De Unas (Don't know how to put the little ~ over the N) But I purchased a bunch of the Minis and I won't go back to Konad, Kand or even my other polishes. The one thing I LOVE about these polishes is that some of the pastel colors will go over the black REALLY well. If you wish to see some photos please check out her facebook page. If you wish to order some of her amazing polishes just send her a message over at facebook. She'll get back to you quickly. Mundo de Uñas

Have a beautiful weekend!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Give Away Winners!

Good morning all I have finally picked my winner for my first ever giveaway! Congratulations to Dee Rose who is now a winner of my give away. You will receive The Salon Express Stamping Kit, The Salon Express Special Stamping Polish, 30 Fimo canes, The Bonita Jewel Tone collection, A dotting tool and nail art brush, and stripping tape! Congratulations! I will e-mail you shortly on the prizes and well as the mailing address!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Additional Giveaway Prizes!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give a personal thank you everyone who has helped me reached over 800 likes on my facebook pages... WoW! I can't thank anyone enough! I am so faltered and really happy and to thank you all! I will be adding additional prizes to my giveaway! YAY!

The additional Prizes are 30 fimo canes, Striping tape, Nail Art Brush and Dotting Tool set. :D

Thank you all again for your support! Please continue to enter for my giveaway! It ends on March 15th :)


Have a great one~