Monday, April 28, 2014

Daisy Nail Tutorial: Youtube weekly Episode

Hello everyone! So happy to be blogging again... Its been a while.

Anyways! I wanted to show everyone a few things I've been doing while on this long Vacation... (Still unemployed by the way.)

I've been playing around with my Sony HandyCam... and honestly I bought it to start making tutorial videos almost 2 years ago, but I just never got around to doing it till now. I'm very happy with it. It really was a trial and error for me. I've never played with my iMovie at all up till this point. but I realized that I really enjoy doing this.

So here is the image of my nails that I made a tutorial on.

Products Used:

-Seche Base: Ridge Filling Base Coat
-Sally Hanse Hard as Nails: Xtreme Wear "Blue Me Away!"
-Out the Door: Fast Drying Top Coat
-Konad Special Polish "White"
-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails: Xtreme Wear "Mellow Yellow"
-Poshe`: Super Fast Drying Top Coat
-GALS Plate GA34 - Fairy Set Collection
-Pan Scraper
-Squishy Stamper

And here is the Tutorial! Thank you all and I hope you enjoy!