Friday, January 17, 2014

Favorite Fridays - Base coats and Nail Strengtheners

Good morning ladies! Happy Friday~ This Friday I will be talking about Base Coats and Nail Strengtheners.  (Even though I currently have acrylics. I still love my Basecoats/Nail strengtheners.) The reason why I put these two together is because they kind of go hand and hand with each other. Lots of people use Nail Strengtheners as a base/top coat. I use it primarily as a base coat. So today I will be talking about some of my favorites.

The first one I use the most out of all is "Nutra Nail With Green Tea Antioxidants". Because my nails tend to split and peel, I need a strengthener that will help bond my nail layers together and fill in some weak spots.
Nutra Nail Strengthener with Green Tea - .5 fl oz

The next one "Sally Hansen Maximum Growth". I thought this was actually discounted, however I just realized it was just a different bottle. but this was the polish I used the most before I got my "Nutra Nail Nail Strengthener". This really helped my nails grow faster, but it didn't really help strengthen my nails. It's kinda why I went to the Nutral Nail.
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Growth Program
My last favorite is actually grouped together. They each do different things but they all make what my nails are today. It's from a brand called Nail Aid. They are  "Nail-Aid Triple Wrap Thickener" which helps with peeling nails. "Nail-Aid Extreme Steel Hardener" help prevent breakage of long nails and makes your nails really hard. Almost gel like. And the Last is "Nail-Aid Ultra Fast Growth". It helps with nail growth to at least 5-7 days. The great things about these is that it is 3 free, really inexpensive, and available at either Ross, TJ Max, or even WalMart.

I do use others such as "Nailtiques Formula 2", "Sally Hansen Triple Strong", "Poshe` Nail-Strengthening Treament Basecoat" and "Seche Base - Ridge Filling Base Coat". I usually kinda go back and forth with my nails because it's not always the same. Sometimes they break, other times they split, and even break off completely. My nails gives me more trouble then they worth, however I love what I do and I'll do what I can to keep them strong, long and beautiful.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! HAPPY FRIDAY!