Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Barbie Stamping Design

Hi Folks! You can't honestly expect me to not do a stamping design based off all our childhood, did you? Yes, this morning I will be showing you an awesome stamping design that I did based off every girl's favorite childhood doll/beauty inspiration; Barbie.

Lets face it, most of us all wish we had the hair, the eyes, the beautiful clothes and accessories that Barbie has. Some of us even achieved that. But the true beauty is believing in yourself, being independent, having self confidence, and staying strong. So without further a do. Here is it!

Honestly, I think the most challenging part of this manicure was deciding what to do with the color scheme. I was debating between pink,  white, and black, or pink, shimmer white, or pink, shimmer white and silver. Gah! Colors! I was having trouble on whether I should use half moons or french tips and god... The planning process of this manicure took the longest. (Two weeks I think.)

But in the end I decided on this one. It has a combination of Pink, Light Pink, Silver, Black and White. I personally think that this came out better then the Winnie the Pooh design I did two weeks ago. If you couldn't tell I love my Glitter accent nail. I think it bring everything together.

Alright now to the Materials.

Materials Used:
The design didn't take as long due to the fact that I actually practiced this design on glass flat so when I finally liked which one I put together I did it on my natural nails. I don't want to put too much polish remove on my natural nails if I messed up and It helps keeps my nails less brittle... *sobs at her poor pathetic nails*

Anyways! Hope you enjoyed the design! And remember.... YOU ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL!