Monday, January 6, 2014

China Glaze - Anchors Away Collection Swatch

Good Morning Ladies! Happy Monday! This morning I will be showing a swatch of the polishes that I have from China Glaze. The polishes is from The Anchors Away collection which was done in the spring of 2011. I don't have the entire collection I'm only showing you what I was able to to purchase.

Believe it or not one of these polishes was actually my very first Polish EVER from China Glaze. At the end I'll let you know which one it is.

So the first swatch I want to show you is AHOY!
Its actually a beautiful intense pink with a flash of what looks like gold shimmer. Against the light its absolutely beautiful. With two even thin coats I was able to get it full opaque and it came out so pretty. Perfect summer color~

The next swatch I want to show you is FIRST MATE
If I honestly had to define this color. Its that its a true navy blue polish. Its has an amazing cream finish and even without top coat its still shiny. I think this blue will go well with any time of the season. Maybe its because I've had this collection for a while, but it might be thick and opaque enough for me to stamp with. Hmmm, something to try.

The next swatch I want to show you is STARBOARD 
I think out of the collection I own, I don't care for this color. I'm not a big fan of Greens (I have a lot, but they never look good on me) And it doesn't match my skin ton that well. But the formula was great, this is with two coats and I didn't have issues with coverage.

And the last swatch is LIGHTHOUSE
I love this yellow glitter/shimmer polish. Its has enough shimmer and I'm sure if I used more then two coats it would have been the perfect color. The only issue I can think about with this polish is that because it is a shimmer/glitter polish that it tends to streaky when applying. So in order for me to get the best results I had to really wait for each layer to dry before I applied the second coat. This polish reminds me of how bright the sun can be when your near water. It's blinding.

Now I will tell you which color was my VERY FIRST China glaze Polish.... It is "First Mate" This was the very first polish that I picked up to start this madness I call a love/obsession. (I wasn't kidding when I said I have 500+ polishes...I lost count after 500... I'm sure I have more then that.)

Well that's it for my post! Thanks for hanging out with me!