Monday, January 13, 2014

Orly - Naughty and Nice Collection Swatch

Good Morning my lovelies!
And its' Monday... again. Good news is that it's swatch time! This morning I will be showing you my swatches from Orly's Naughty and Nice Collection. It's from the Winter 2012 collection I believe.  Same with my last collection swatch I'm only showing you what I currently purchased and not the entire collection.

The first swatch that I watch to show you is  called UNLAWFUL 

This is a beautiful candy creme red. I'm not a big fan of reds but this is a beautiful creme. It applied nicely and it was opaque in one coat, however I would use two just to be on the safe side. Because this polish can be opaque in one coat it's pretty good for stamping. I've tried in on multiple times and it work beautifully.

The next swatch I want to show you is MISS CONDUCT 
This polish is my favorite out of the entire collection. Its a beautiful bright pink halo. With PLENTY of small/fine glitter. As you can see in the photo, you can see beauty of the polish. It can be opaque in one coat, however again I used two here. Better to be safe then sorry.

The next swatch I wanted to show you is called ANGEL EYES

I was really disappointed with this. On its own it took me almost 3 coats and it's still not opaque. This polish is great for laying as you can see, its currently over my Nina Ultra Pro called Blue Blaze.Though you might get lucky like The PolishAholic. Be sure to check out Jen's swatches if you want a little more accurate photos. Maybe I just got a bad bottle. (Or I suck at Polishing lol)

The last swatch I want to show you is DEVIL MAY CARE

This is similar to the formula for Angel Eyes. Small fine glitter and large gold hex glitters. Except the large gold hex glitters are a little easier to come out. And this polish transforms all my old red polishes. This is perfect for layering and I wouldn't change that for the world. This is swatched over Unlawful.

So maybe this collection will work for you, and maybe not. Overall I like the set. I'll be sure to use the glitters for layers over some stamping designs Maybe when Christmas times comes around. 

(On a more personal issue. My boyfriend and I finally found our own place for rent. A nice spacious apartment. Finally I get my own "Bigger" Corner with all my nail supplies and polishes and such. I'm Really excited to be able to move out and get nail mail so my boyfriends mother doesn't judge me for having so much polish related items... Though I have to keep within my budget. Also on a facebook group I joined I will be participating in the Sunday Challenge. Every week they have a poll and you have to create a stamping design based off the topic of that week.)

Thanks again for hanging out with me! And let me know what you think of these colors in the comments below.